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I Need To



Apply for an Alcohol PCN
Apply to Name or Rename a Community


File a claim for damages to a person or property
File to become a candidate for a Neighborhood Council Board
File to become a candidate for Municipal office
File to become a candidate for LAUSD School Board
Initiating and Filing Petition Information


Find information on birth/marriage certificates
Find information on Immigration or Income Tax
Find my neighborhood resources and information
Find out how the City Council voted
Find information on Property Deeds
Find out more about a specific Business Improvement District
Neighborhood Council Candidate and Election Information
Check Status of a Claim
Find Committee Information, Assignments and Structure


Register to vote/update my voter registration
Register a Domestic Partnership / Apostille of Documents
Steps required to name/rename community


California Public Records Act
NC Vote-By-Mail Ballot
Request City Planning Records


Search and view a Council file
Search for a City Ordinance
Search City Contracts
Search the City Officials Historical Database
Search the Records Center Online Databases and Resources

Service of Process



Past election results
The Photo archives
The Map archives
What is on the City Council and Committee meetings calendar
What items have been referred to City Council committees?
The City Charter, Rules and Codes
See who serves as a City Commissioner a summary of actions taken at a City Council Meeting


Watch City Council and Council Committee meetings (live or archived)