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Billing Inquiries

What are acceptable payment methods?

We accept exact cash payments in person at our offices or a check which can be mailed to us in the return envelope included with your invoice. **Due to Covid-19 restrictions our office is currently closed to the public and we are unable to accept exact cash payments at this time. We will post an update when this payment option becomes available.** 


Useful tips when making your payment

When mailing in your payment via Check please include the bottom portion of your invoice that includes your Customer Number, Invoice Number and the return mailing address to our Lock Box.

When filling out your check be sure in the memo to include either your Invoice Number or Customer Number so it will be easier for our office to apply your payment to your account.


AllianceOne and DTA

AllianceOne is a collections agency contracted by the City Clerk responsible for handling accounts that have gone past the delinquent status into Collections status. If you have received a notice from this group this means you have not paid your yearly assessment invoice that we have mailed to you within the deadline.

  • What do I do once I receive a notice?

    If you receive a notice from AllianceOne in order to pay your yearly assessment you must follow their instructions on how to pay your assessment.
  • Do I have to pay AllianceOne once I receive a notice from them?

    Once you receive your notice from AllianceOne you are required to pay your assessment through AllianceOne.

DTA is company contracted by the City Clerk to handle collecting the yearly assessments for the Chinatown Business Improvement District due to the fact that the Chinatown Business Improvement District assessments would not be included in the LA County Tax Rolls for the 2021 cycle.