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Council Chamber place for the "Voting Clerk", "City Clerk", and "City Attorney" in that order
Council & Public Services

Council and Public Services (CPS) provides services to the public, Mayor, the Council and its Committees, as well as other City departments and agencies.

Person pointing the left index finger at a voter tablet

The Election Division administers the elections for the Neighborhood Council system and is responsible for the candidate filing and outreach portions of Municipal Elections.  In addition, it administers  in-house elections for City pension programs.

Helicopter view of Downtown LA and the 110 freeway
Business Improvement Districts

The Business Improvement District Division of the Office of the City Clerk manages the Business Improvement District Program and provides various types of assistance and information to interested parties.

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Neighborhood Council Funding

The Neighborhood Council Funding Program (Funding Program) is administrative personnel dedicated to assist the Neighborhood Councils with all of their funding program needs. 

Records storage facility with high ceiling; stacks of approximately 12 rows of boxes on shelves
Records Management

The City Archives and Records Center are the two components of the City Clerk's Records Management Division. The Records Management Division administers the City Clerk’s Charter assigned duty as the custodian of City records.

Northeast corner of City Hall main building
City Health Commission

The Commission's purpose is to determine the health needs of the people of the City of Los Angeles, determine whether those needs are being met, and to help determine the best and most cost effective ways of meeting those needs.