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City Commission Resources

City Departments and Bureaus are headed by General Managers. However, some are also headed by an advisory or controlling Board or Commission appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation of the Council. The Board of Public Works is the only paid, full-time board.

Notice to Los Angeles Office of the City Clerk Industry Professionals

If you are compensated to interact with the Los Angeles Office of the City Clerk, City law may require you to register as a lobbyist and report your activity. Any individual may qualify as a lobbyist, regardless of occupation, education, training, or professional title. A lobbyist may hold a position that includes but is not limited to attorney, CEO, consultant, government liaison, business owner, permit applicant, urban planners, expediters, land developers, architect, various real estate professionals and others.

More information is available online through the Ethics Commission’s lobbying program and publication pages. For assistance, please contact the Ethics Commission.

City Commission Database

This database provides current information on all Commissions and commissioners within the City of Los Angeles.

City Official Historical Database

This database provides historical information on past and current commissioners.