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City Archives and Records Center

The City Archives and Records Center are the two components of the City Clerk's Records Management Division. The Records Management Division administers the City Clerk’s Charter assigned duty as the custodian of City records.


Planning Records

Customers wishing to review City Planning Department records must call the Planning Department's Automated Records Unit at (213) 847-3753 to obtain box numbers for the files related to their property of interest.  Please call us once you have secured the box numbers at (213) 473-8440 to schedule your visit.


Historical Records

The historical records in the City Archives are available to the public by appointment. The City Council files from 1940 - 1979 are indexed on line at: Council Files (1940 - 1979).
The City Council files from 1980 forward are indexed on line at: Council Files (CFMS).
Files identified in the Council File Management System may be reviewed at the City Archives. Please call the City Archives at (213) 473-8440 to schedule your visit.


Departmental Records

City employees wishing to review their department's records in the City Records Center must obtain box numbers from their department's records coordinator. Please call the City Records Center at (213) 473-8440 once you have obtained the needed box numbers.


Disposition of Obsolete City Records

The Records Management Division coordinates the disposition of original City records.  Pending departmental records disposition reports are posted on the City Clerk's webpage at:  Records Disposition Reports.  Obsolete records designated for disposition are retained for 60 days following the date of the City Clerk posting in order to provide the public an opportunity to review the records, subject to all applicable disclosure and confidentiality restrictions.  You may be placed on an e-mail notification list of pending records destruction activities by contacting the Records Management Division at

Tall stacks of boxes containing official records in a large storage facility


Archived Digital Vault

Council Minutes from 1850 to 1979
Indexes to Council Minutes from 1940 to 1979

City Council Indexes 1940-1979

View images of the indexes to the City Council records from 1940-1979

History Comes Alive

Monthly article for "Alive' magazine, the newsletter of the City Employees' Club