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Travis Chapa

Travis Chapa, Ph.D. currently works at Atara Biotherapeutics as a Program Lead for two promising immunotherapies to treat virus related cancers. Over the past 19 years, Travis has been a research scientist working on infectious diseases: starting his career studying Bacillus Anthracis (the bacteria associated with anthrax) during the early 2000s scare; moving to studying viruses including Zika during the WHO declaration of public health emergency; and recently turning his focus to immunotherapies for virus related cancers. During his career, Travis has published 10 manuscripts on his research, presented his findings at 13 conferences, and received seven honors & awards for his work as a scientist.

Travis has been increasing his role in public leadership, including serving on a committee for the American Public Health Association, serving as a founding member of the Associate Board for Shelter Partnership, and participating as an instructor for the NAACP STEM Fellows Program to expose underrepresented youths to STEM careers. Travis enjoys taking opportunities to educate on the topic of infectious disease and microbiology. Whether the opportunities are informal—like discussing the science of film for the Writers Guild of America—or an official teaching position as a part-time instructor at Pierce College, Travis has been effective in his approach to simplify complicated concepts and make science accessible. Travis believes that maintaining the scientific progress of the future requires engaging and growing all of our young scientists today.

As a member of the Los Angeles City Health Commission, Travis hopes to review, discuss, and advise on items that protect health, prevent disease, and promote the health and well-being of all persons in our city.

Picture of Travis Chapa

(Council District 6)