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The Office of the City Clerk

City of Los Angeles

The City Clerk serves as the Clerk of the City Council and maintains a record of all Council proceedings; maintains the official City records and archives; administers all City elections; provides fiscal, administrative, and personnel services to the Council and Mayor; and provides staff assistance to Council Committees. This office promotes and facilitates programs in support of the Mayor and the City Council's economic development initiatives. To that end and by mandate, the City Clerk administers the City of Los Angeles' Business Improvement Districts program. The City Clerk also provides records retention management services for all City departments, and administers and manages the City's Archives. All claims filed against the City must be received and recorded by the City Clerk.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to facilitate and support City legislative processes and meetings, record and provide access to the City's official records, preserve the City's history, support economic development, and conduct elections with integrity."

City Clerk 5 Year Strategic Plan (best viewed with Firefox and Chrome browser)

City Clerk 5 Year Strategic Plan

Our Customers

  • City Elected Officials
  • City Departments and Staff
  • The Public
  • Candidates and Voters in the City of Los Angeles
  • Regional County and Municipal Governments
  • The Business Community and Community-Based Organizations

Our Vision

"Our vision is to maintain a high level of excellence, provide consistent services to our customers, and to meet the challenges of tomorrow through our expertise, innovation, and cooperative partnerships."

City Clerk Annual Report

City Clerk Annual Report 2020

City Clerk Annual Report 2021

City Clerk Annual Report 2022-2023