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Irma Avila

Irma Avila has lived in Los Angeles for 25 years and become a highly experienced leader in public health. Throughout her career, Irma has shown great passion and dedication to protecting the health of the people of Los Angeles as she served as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) for 12 years from 1994-2004 at Wilshire Retirement Center in Los Angeles, California. In 2010, Irma set a bold course of action as a community health educator for the Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (SoCalCOSH) planning and disseminating health and safety curriculums. In 2011, she expanded her efforts in public health with Best Start Metro Los Ángeles (BSMLA) by conducting outreach, leading health education initiatives, and serving as a liaison between parents and community stakeholders. Using her skills as a bilingual Spanish and English speaker, Irma played a key role with Choose Health LA Kids (CHLA Kids) and Champions for Change to spearhead community nutrition workshops, food demonstrations, and advocacy in healthy nutrition campaigns for children and families. Irma continues to aid community outreach events and health education projects by working in collaboration with First 5 LA to hold consulates, health fairs, and conferences in Los Angeles. 

Irma Avila proudly serves various roles as member of the UCLA-LOSH Promotoras Committee (UCLA-Labor Occupational Safety & Health), a member of the Community Health Institute (CHI), member of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), secretary of EISNER Health Center, President of CD Tech – S.O.D.L.A. Group (Sociedad Organizada de Latinas Activas), President of All Peoples Community Center-Grupo M.E.J.O.R. (Mujeres En Justa Organización Reciproca), and commissioner of the Los Angeles City Health Commission. 

Irma now lives with her husband Enrique Avila Martinez and her three children: Henry, Vincent, and Erick, and her granddaughters: Melanie and Melissa.

Picture of Commissioner Irma Avila

(Council District 9)