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Election Division Outreach Programs:

The Office of the City Clerk is committed to ensuring that all elections are accessible, safe, and equitable to every voter. Our Outreach team conducts voter outreach to provide opportunities to learn about voter registration, election processes and ways to get involved within the community. We promote and encourage everyone to help shape the future of their communities by voting in all elections, including Neighborhood Council elections.

The Outreach team partners with individuals, community-based organizations, schools, colleges, and local government agencies to promote and encourage voting. Voting matters to all Angelenos and we strive to ensure that we reach all potential voters with fair and non-partisan voting information. 

The following programs are carried out through the year to provide comprehensive voting information and election-related materials to our partners and the larger community. Please note that the public health and safety of the community is the Outreach team’s first priority; all events will be conducted with respect to all federal, state, and local health guidelines. 

General Community Outreach
Elementary/Middle (K-8) Youth
High School

Los Angeles Community College District

Underserved Youth
Faith Based
Free the Vote
New Americans

If you would like to invite us to an event that you are hosting, or would like to inform us of an upcoming event, please let us know by completing the form here. A member of our team will respond within 3 business days.