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Funding Request Documents

These documents assist NCs to make use of their allocated funds for different purposes.

Fiscal Year Administrative Packet/Annual Budget Form

Guides NCs in their annual fiscal and administrative operations

NCFP Letter of Acknowledgment & Agreement

Outlines the duties and responsibilities of NC Financial Officers (Treasurers, Credit Card Holders, Signers)

Board Action Certification (BAC) Form

Certifies actions taken by NC boards, signed by the NC Treasurer and a 2nd Signer

NC Community Event Approval Form

Required of NCs planning to host or co-host a public community event.

NC Community Event Planning Checklist

A checklist to guide NCs in planning their public community events

Congress-Budget Advocacy Contribution Form

Confirms NC contributions for the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Special Accounts for the Congress of Neighborhoods and Budget Advocacy

NC Temporary Staffing Services

General guidelines to assist NCs in securing temp staff services.

NC Translation and Interpretation Services

General guidelines to assist NCs in securing an interpreter or translator.

Servicios de Interpretación y Traducción para su Concejo Vecinal

 Una guía para ayudar a Concejos Vecinales a conseguir servicios de traducción.